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Fun Ways for Getting Around a Campground

5 minutes read Jun 02,2022
family biking at a campground

You've got places to go, things to do, and people to see while on vacation. Accelerate your fun, get to resort amenities quicker, and explore the surrounding area easier when you bring your own campground transportation as part of your Sun Outdoors experience. 

Whether you're a fan of golf carts or electrical bikes, here are some fun and affordable ways to get from one end of the resort to the other in style. 

Bike Around

Getting around an RV resort on two wheels is a fun way to get some exercise while arriving where you need to go more quickly. Accessories like LED lights, phone holders, baskets, mirrors, and helmets ensure comfort and safety for riders. 

  • Cruisers bikes—Boogie to the beach, ride ‘round the resort, or shop at the farmers market on a cruiser bike. The step-through frame makes for easy on and off. Large, cushy seats and upright design ensure a comfy ride. Roomy baskets and a rear rack can carry beach necessities and local purchases. You can also try taking a true sand cruise on a fat tire bicycle, known for its excellent traction. 
  • Mountain bikes—Like a challenge when you ride? A mountain bike might be just what you need. Shock absorbers, suspension, and a low gear range make it the best choice for tackling hills, taking on trails, or riding across the grounds for fun. 
  • Hybrids—Enjoy the best of both worlds with a hybrid. This bike lets you ride in a comfortable, upright position over trials, paths, or paved roads. The combination offers the speed of a road bike with the comfort and versatility of a mountain bike for a great all-around two-wheel vehicle.
  • Trikes—Consider a three-wheel bike for a safe and leisurely ride if balance or coordination are an issue. A flat seat for upright pedaling and baskets for carrying flea market finds or s'mores ingredients for the grandkids make this a bike a must-have on your RV packing list.

Make sure to explore beyond the resort too! We have locations close to stunning trails and picturesque pathways ideal for both novice and experienced riders. A couple of our favorites are in Texas Hill Country and along the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail in Canada.  

Biking can turn a trip to the swimming pool or a boardwalk spin into an adventure. Don't want to bring your own ride? No worries, many resorts also provide bicycles to rent or borrow. 

Golf Cart Cruisin'

RV living gets better with a golf cart at your site. 

A standard RVing accessory at most of our all-age and 55+ resorts, the golf cart is the all-around haul around. These quiet, rechargeable vehicles have plenty of seating and room to carry any cargo needed for a day at the beach or a potluck. Even hauling laundry can be fun with a golf cart.

Many Sun Outdoor resorts have golf carts available for rent. 

Like to fish? Trick out your own cart with specialized accessories and make RVing and camping life simpler. Get a custom rod holder. Install a roof rack for extra-large adventure toys. Hitch up a kayak or surfboard and spoil your cooler with its own rack. 

If you plan to run into town on your golf cart, it will need street-legal features including seatbelts, a windshield with wipers, speedometer, and mirrors, and working lights including brakes and turn signals.  

No matter where you're going, be a smart driver. Read up on golf cart safety tips before going out for a spin. You can always practice your (cart) driving skills at some of the best golf resorts across the country.  

H4: Electric Rides 

Keep an eye out for electric bikes and scooters zipping around resorts. Seriously, be on alert. These motorized vehicles make little noise, can reach up to 20 mph, and can seemingly come out of nowhere.

  • Ebikes—Give your pedal power an upgrade with an affordable electric bike. Expect to pay an average of $1,500 for a portable bike. Foldable for easy storage and transport, the average range is 15 miles on a charge. 
  • Scooter—Take a quick trip to the local sweet shop, area attraction, or beach and back again on a single charge. Good balance and a helmet are necessary accessories for the stand-up variety which can reach 15 mph. 
  • Travel Scooter—Also known as mobility scooters, these slow-moving single seaters are good for people who have agility, balance or walking issues. Most come with small baskets and wide seats. 

There is more than one way to get around a Sun Outdoors resort. When planning your next outdoor vacation consider bringing one or more of these modes of mobility to get to the shuffleboard courts, store, or water park. 

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