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RV Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

5 minutes read Nov 29,2022
RV Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

The lights are up, the Christmas music is playing, and the hot cocoa is flowing. That can only mean one thing, the holiday season is here!

It's also fun to match that festive feeling by bringing that flair into your RV. To get the creative juices flowing, we've compiled six RV decorating ideas to add Christmas cheer to your holidays.


Holiday Decorating Tips for Your RV

1. Use Indoor and Outdoor Lights

A variety of lights is key to decorating your RV for the holidays. String indoor lights along the walls for a cozy, inviting effect. Be sure to use LED lights since these generate very little heat and last significantly longer than conventional lights.

Outside, you can get creative with your lights! Decorate the front of your RV and consider even adding a red reindeer nose. Or, if you have an awning, use large colored bulbs or icicle lights for a very cheerful look. Just be sure that all your lights are waterproof and try to use LEDs when possible.

2. Make a Tabletop Christmas Tree

RVs don't often have space for full-size trees. That doesn't mean that you must go without! Dollar Tree has an excellent tutorial for putting together a holiday tree creation of your own. You might want to check out some of their other DIY winter decorating ideas, as all are designed for saving money.


3. Adorn the Windows with Paper Snowflakes

An easy and inexpensive way to add holiday cheer is to adorn your RV windows with paper snowflakes. All you need is some plain white paper and a good pair of scissors. You can find a tutorial here but you're simply folding the paper into a small triangle, then making cutouts along the edges. Curvy, zig-zag, and straight cutouts will all create different styles of snowflakes when unfolded.

4. Create a curtain of ornaments

One of our favorite RV decorating ideas is to turn your doorway into a surprising centerpiece. You can use fishing line or string to hang ornaments from the top of your doorframe. This leads to a gorgeous curtain of ornaments upon entry!

You can use tape to secure the fishing line or string to the top of your doorframe. Be sure to use lightweight plastic ornaments and try to hang the bulbs at varying heights for a better effect.


5. Switch Your Throw Pillow Covers

Looking for a really simple holiday decorating tip? Take standard throw pillows and swap their covers for Christmas-themed covers. Your pillow size may vary, but we like this set and this set.

6. Plug in Holiday Nightlights

If your RV is short on space, holiday nightlights are the way to go. Simple Christmas tree nightlights can be plugged in to boost the festive feeling in your camper. With no work required, this is one of the easiest Christmas RV decorating ideas out there.


We hope you've had some ideas arise from these RV decorating ideas for the holidays. Remember that these are only suggestions; feel free to get creative with your ideas. And if you have a great decoration, share a photo on social media and tag Sun Outdoors.  

Know someone else who could benefit from these RV Christmas decorations? Share this post with them and spread the holiday cheer!  

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