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We have a collection of amazing resorts across the U.S. and Canada, that take outdoor vacations to the next level. Start planning your perfect getaway with Sun Outdoors.

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View details for RV Sites
Sun Outdoor resorts offer RV sites

RV Sites

Enjoy full hookup RV sites that accommodate everything from pop-up campers to motorhomes.

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Lodging is available at Sun Outdoors


Feel close to adventure without roughing it in traditional and unique vacation rentals and charming motels.

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Sun Outdoors offers Tent Camping sites

Tent Camping

Get back to basics. Sleep under the stars with our rustic and premium tent camping sites.

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Long Term Stays available at Sun Outdoors

Long-Term Stays

Stay for just the summer or entire year.  Leave your RV or purchase a vacation home for a season or lifetime.

Long-Term Stays

Become a Seasonal or Annual Guest

Relax with family and friends for a season or for the whole year as a long-term guest with Sun Outdoors. You can always get away close to home or as far as your wandering heart desires, when you leave your RV or purchase a vacation home to enjoy a long-term stay for a season or a lifetime.  Discover long-term seasonal and annual stay incentives here.

  • What are long-term stays

    What are long-term stays?

    A seasonal or annual guest is defined as an individual who signs a 12-month agreement/contract for long-term stay (length of stay may vary by resort). Seasonal guests have to renew their 12-month agreement/contract with Sun Outdoors every year. Annual guests sign an initial 12-month agreement/contract and after the initial 12-month term, the agreement/contract is on a month to month basis.

  • What are long-term stays

    Seasonal/Annual Guest Benefits

    You'll have plenty to see and explore within the surrounding areas of each resort/community, as well as access to on-site amenities that give you something to look forward to during your time with us. While amenity selections may vary by resort/community, some favorites include:

    • Utilities*
    • Free WiFi
    • Lounges
    • Events & Activities
    • Pools & Water Parks

    *May be included within seasonal/annual fees.

  •  What to Expect

    What to Expect

    Start enjoying your Sunnier Side during a long-term stay. Our current seasonal and annual guests can expect sites* to be move-in ready and can include:

    • Gravel/Paved/Cement Pad
    • Storage Shed
    • Site/Yard Maintenance
    • Upgraded Fire Pit & Picnic Table
    • Curbside Garbage & Recycling Pick-Up 
    • Curb Appeal/Landscaping Packages
    • Parking (Maximum of Two Vehicles)

    *Site options may vary by resort.

Long-Term Stay Types

Vacation Home Sales

Vacation Home Sales

Set down roots with a great cottage alternative when you buy your very own summer home or winter retreat. We offer guests the option to purchase available units on existing sites within our resorts and RV communities. While you own the unit on the site, annual fees are required for the site, which is owned by Sun Outdoors. 

Special Offers

  • Annual Stay Savings

    Annual RV Stay Savings

    Why enjoy one of our resorts just for a weekend? Sign an annual RV site lease and enjoy the resort life whenever the time throughout the entire year! Use your annual RV site as a second home at our year-round resorts located in some of the most beautiful places in the country.

    Annual RV Stay Savings

  • Seasonal Stay Incentives

    Long-Term Seasonal Stay Incentives

    Turn your getaway into a summer long home-away-from-home vacation.  These limited time long-term seasonal stay incentives (up to $500 off) may be applied to Seasonal RV Sites or Vacation Cottage Ownership* - there's no better time than now to become a Seasonal guest at Sun Outdoors.

    Long-Term Seasonal Stay Incentives


Get all your questions answered about being a seasonal or annual guest with Sun Outdoors.

  • What is a seasonal/annual RV site?
    A seasonal/annual RV site is a dedicated site that is yours for the season or year; specific resort dates will vary by resort. Just leave your RV or settle in one of our resort vacation homes to come and go as you please. They are ideal for a vacation spot or to use as a homebase for your RV when you're not traveling. Seasonal RV sites cannot be used to establish residency.
  • Do I need to be a full-time RVer to be a seasonal or annual guest?
    While full-time RVers do utilize seasonal/annual sites for their long-term stays, many of our seasonal/annual guests may be located within driving distance from the resort. This makes our seasonal/annual RV sites a great spot for your summer getaway every weekend.  Many of our seasonals/annuals in the south may use their sites to getaway from the northern winters.
  • What does it mean to be a seasonal or annual guest?
    As a seasonal or annual guest, you are part of a community enjoying all the benefits the resort has to offer as part of your long term stay. Get to know your neighbors and fellow seasonal guests at planned activities and events. You'll also get to build long-lasting relationships and find lifelong friendships.
  • What are the advantages of being a seasonal or annual guest?
    Advantages of becoming a seasonal/annual guest include avoiding the hassle of setting up and tearing down every time you want to use your RV at your site. Park your RV and set it up once to enjoy resort-style living for the entire season. You can also enjoy discounted and set rates for an entire season of fun. We have no hidden fees or membership costs, so one fee covers everything.
  • What defines a seasonal or annual stay?
    Someone who is a seasonal or annual guest with Sun Outdoors is defined as an individual who signs a 12-month agreement/contract for long-term stay. Length of stay required may vary by resort.
  • What is a long-term stay?
    A long-term stay with Sun Outdoors is a seasonal/annual guest who signs a 12-month agreement/contract for long-term stay (length of stay may vary by resort). Seasonal guests have to renew their 12-month contract/agreement with Sun Outdoors every year. Annual guests sign an initial 12-month contract/agreement and after the initial 12-months, it may be on a month to month basis. 
  • How long is a seasonal stay with Sun Outdoors or Sun Retreats?
    Guests typically have use of a site at the resort of their choosing for six to nine months (varies by resort) of the year at resorts in the north that are only open for a season or part of the year. This usually includes spring, summer, and fall months; these resorts are typically closed for use during the winter months. Seasonal and annual stays are not permanent residences, but rather used as cottage alternatives or home away from home. Each resort welcomes all ages and is family friendly.
  • How long is an annual stay with Sun Outdoors?

    When signing a 12-month agreement, annual guests with Sun Outdoors become a resident of a resort and get to enjoy the benefits all year. You can choose to stay for an entire year* or just for a couple months. The majority of our year-round resorts offer a 12-month residency. You have full access to your RV site and all the resort amenities. Our year-round resorts offer lifestyle options for both 55+ and all-age guests.

    *County ordinances dictate if an RV can be placed on a site for a full calendar year.

  • Can you live at a Sun Outdoors resort all year?
    Year-round living in our resorts is limited and may only apply to our locations in the south (restrictions may apply). Resorts located in most parts of the U.S. and Canada are not available all year; even if services at the resort are available all year, there are many state/province laws that prohibit parking an RV in one place for 12 months of the year or beyond campground regulations of 6-9 months. Other resorts simply don't have the services to provide year-round. Resorts in many areas are not deemed as a permanent residence like manufactured housing communities offered by Sun Communities.
  • Are there different ways you can stay as a long-term guest?
    Long-term guests can bring their own RV (Class A Motorhome, Class B Motorhome, Class C Motorhome, Pop-up Trailer, Travel Trailer, Toy Hauler, Fifth Wheel) or purchase a park model cottage (these are also known as park models, park model cottages, park model homes, vacation cottages, vacation homes).
  • As a long term guest, do I own the site that my unit sits on?

    While the unit may be owned by the long-term guest, the site the unit sits on has site fee(s) for seasonal or annual guests. There could be additional costs such as electric/hydro, sewer, guest/visitor fees, etc.

    While many of our amenities and services are included in your long-term stay, there may be some additional fees for certain activities, such as special events, or additional services.

  • How many seasonal/annual guests are allowed on a site?
    The maximum number of seasonal/annual guests permitted on a seasonal/annual site is typically six individuals, but may vary resort to resort.
  • How do I make a reservation for a long-term stay?
    To reserve a long-term stay at our resort, simply contact our friendly staff at the resort by phone or complete the inquiry form on the website, and a staff member will be in contact. They will guide you through the process, provide you with availability, and assist you in choosing the perfect RV site that suits your preferences.
  • Can I customize my RV site during my long-term stay?
    We encourage personalization of your site, within reason. You can add outdoor furniture, plants, and decorations to make your space feel like home. However, please ensure that any modifications comply with resort guidelines and do not cause damage to the property or pose a safety hazard.
  • Are there any age restrictions for long-term stay guests?
    Sun Outdoors offers a variety of resorts from 55+ to all age. Whether you're a young family, a retired couple, or a solo traveler, you'll find a resort that fits your lifestyle.
  • What amenities and services are available to long-term stay guests?
    As a long term stay guest, you'll have access to a wide range of amenities and services depending on the resort. Many of the resorts offer recreational facilities, laundry facilities, fitness centers, swimming pools, community events and much more. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable living and enjoyable living environment throughout your stay.