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Strawberry Picking Tips for Campers

5 minutes read May 12,2021
Strawberry Picking Tips for Campers

Have you ever been strawberry picking? This delightful summer activity is a favorite adventure for many families and is rewarded with sweet, scrumptious strawberries!

While you may already have a favorite spot where you go strawberry picking, there are also great spots to pick these delicious red jewels while you're camping too. Check out our useful tips for picking strawberries, as well as a few recommendations for U-pick farms near our resorts. Bon appétit!

Tips for Strawberry Picking

When is Strawberry Season?

First things first, know when strawberry season will arrive in your area. In most cooler states, strawberry season is in June. In some southern states, strawberry season might begin in late April or early May.

California and Florida are a different story. In these warm states, strawberry season begins as early as January, but really kicks into gear come February. The season also lasts for several months, versus the one-month season (on average) found in colder states.

Strawberry Picking

How Do I Pick Strawberries?

Picking strawberries is easy, but a little forethought makes the task easier.

Before you leave the house (or campsite), put on sunscreen and wear old tennis shoes. You should also bring one water bottle per person. We recommend using reusable water bottles to avoid single-use plastics.

Next, arrive early to the farm. The temperature will be cooler in the morning and the berries will be better. In the afternoon heat, strawberries can get soft and spotty, making them poor to pick.

When you arrive at the farm, you'll be assigned a spot to pick. In this spot, choose strawberries that are ripe, whether small or large. You can make use of all sizes and shapes in strawberry recipes.

To pick strawberries, look for red fruit, with no white or green. Spread the leaves to search for berries and lift the clusters of strawberries. Pinch the stems and pull ripe berries gently off the plant. Keeping the green, leafy cap of the berry intact is crucial to making your strawberries last longer.

Individual farms may vary in how they assign picking spots. Some may also provide a "bad berry" bucket which you can use to dispose of any overripe or damaged strawberries you find. Check with your farm for specific details.

Boy Picking Strawberries

Strawberry Picking near Sun RV Resorts

Where can you go strawberry picking? That depends on where you're camping. We've highlighted several resorts below, along with nearby strawberry farms. But if your resort isn't listed, that doesn't mean there aren't strawberries nearby! You can always do a quick Google search for strawberry farms in the area to see what comes up.

Sun Retreats Sherkston Shores – Sherkston, Ontario

Sun Retreats Gun Lake – Hopkins, MI Sun Outdoors Lake Rudolph – Santa Claus, IN Sun Retreats Geneva On The Lake – Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH Jellystone Park™ of Western New York – North Java, NY Sun Retreats Wild Acres – Old Orchard Beach, ME

Remember that these are just a few places where you can go strawberry picking. Try using this handy U-pick farm finder to find a berry patch closest to the resort where you're camping. And if you need more recommendations, check with the front desk staff at your resort for other suggestions.

Before you go, be sure to share this post. Someone else with a sweet tooth will appreciate these tips for strawberry picking!

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