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Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day on the Road

5 minutes read Mar 11,2019
Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day on the Road

How to Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day While RVing

Once a year, people of all different ethnicities gather together to celebrate the luck of the Irish. What started as a simple remembrance ceremony has grown into a festive holiday that we look forward to every year.

The world's favorite green holiday has several distinct traditions associated with it, but there are all sorts of ways to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. With many of our guests traveling over the holiday, we've rounded up some simple ways to celebrate while camping.

Enjoy the day and may you be blessed with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

1. Decorate Your RV Site

We love when our guests get into the holiday spirit with site decorations. For Saint Patrick's Day, consider decking out your site with some shamrocks. These DIY paper shamrocks are a great challenge, but store-bought shamrocks will work just as well.

You could also team up with your kids to create a tissue paper rainbow windsock. Whether you go for rainbows or shamrocks, there's no wrong way to decorate your RV site.

wear green find a parade

Joseph Sohm /

2. Wear Green

If you've ever forgotten to wear green on Saint Patrick's Day, you know the pain of being pinched. Don't make the mistake this year and remember to wear green. Not only will it prevent unwanted pinching, but it'll lead to friendly smiles of approval from others celebrating the holiday.

3. Make Colcannon

There are plenty of Irish staples to enjoy on Saint Patrick's Day, but colcannon is one of the most famous. Think decadent mashed potatoes, plus crispy green onions and bacon. This recipe from Taste of Home is a great, simple colcannon recipe.

Looking to take it to the next level? Fry up some sausages and serve them on top of your colcannon for a tasty twist on bangers and mash.


4. Find a Parade near You

Saint Patty's Day parades are a staple in nearly every American city. With Sun RV resorts available from coast to coast, it's easy to find a parade near you.

One of the biggest parades in the world takes place in Boston. This city has a strong Irish heritage and is only an hour and a half from Campers Haven RV Resort and Peters Pond RV Resort.

Another major event takes place in Dallas. Over one hundred floats travel along Greenville Avenue celebrating the holiday. Dallas' parade is easily accessible from both Treetops RV Resort and Sandy Lake RV Resort.

5. Learn the History of the Holiday

Many of us celebrate the holiday, but do we know how it got started? Saint Patrick's Day actually celebrates the anniversary of Saint Patrick's death in the fifth century.

Predominately a Catholic country, Ireland credits the start of its faith to Saint Patrick, who brought Christianity to the island. Though born in Britain, Saint Patrick was brought to Ireland as a slave in the fifth century. He escaped from his bonds and later returned to Ireland to spread the gospel.

Saint Patrick brought much attention to the common clover. He used its three leaves to symbolize the three parts of the Christian Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Over the years, a superstition developed that rarer four-leaf clovers symbolize good luck. Though the origin of the superstition isn't known, it inspired a new tradition that remains today.

In memory of Saint Patrick's impact on the country, the people of Ireland began holding a feast each year to celebrate the anniversary of his death. Over time, the feasts grew larger and more festive. From the fifth century to today, a lot has changed, but the enthusiasm is the same.  

How are you planning to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? With so many traditions surrounding the holiday, you can find one that fits your idea of fun! If you found the history of Saint Patrick's Day interesting or enjoyed these suggestions, share this post on social media.  

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