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Best Fishing Spots in Southern Ontario, Canada

5 minutes read Apr 10,2018
Best Fishing Spots in Southern Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada is known as an angler's paradise, and with more than 40,000 streams, rivers, and lakes bursting with an assortment of freshwater fish! Standard handline fishing is the most popular choice, but Ontario offers fishing for every season including ice fishing, fly fishing, and charter boat fishing.

With so many options, it's hard to know where to start. To help you out, we've rounded up the best fishing in Ontario. And to top it off, these fishing destinations are located just a short drive away from one of our Ontario RV resorts, ensuring that you're never far from your home away from home.

Haliburton Forest

First on the list is Haliburton Forest, an expansive natural retreat located about 65 miles (106 kilometers) southeast of Deer Lake RV Resort & Campground. With deep, clear lakes full of trout, smallmouth bass, and whitefish, Haliburton Forest is a freshwater fishing paradise. Fishermen may also find the Haliburton Gold Lake Trout, a rare species found in only 11 lakes in Haliburton County.

Prince Edward County

Another prime fishing spot awaits in Prince Edward County. Renowned among sport fisherman, this island fishing spot on the north shore of Lake Ontario is surrounded by about 497 miles (800 kilometers) of shoreline offering the best freshwater and commercial fish an angler can dream of. Located in the heart of Prince Edward County, Lake Avenue RV Resort & Campground sits upon the shores of tranquil East Lake, where guests spend the season fishing for walleye, as well as bass, pike, and panfish.

Lake Ontario

The smallest of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario is one of the best fishing spots for catching fresh salmon. Start fishing on the lake in April and warm up with spring fishing for brown trout. In late May and early June, you'll find a challenge trying to catch the Chinook salmon, or king salmon. These whopping creatures range anywhere from 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) to 40 pounds (18 kilograms), so make sure you're on your A game and consider taking a charter trip with an experienced captain who will provide all the equipment you'll need. Plenty of charter fishing expeditions set sail from Prince Edward Country, located just minutes from our Lake Avenue campground.

Lake Erie

Known for its beautiful sunsets, Lake Erie is an incredible spot to cast your line. Take your gear to the shoreline at dusk, just before nightfall, enjoying a gentle breeze from the lake. Once the sun has set, Lake Erie's famous night fishing begins for an opportunity to catch an abundance of walleye. In late summer, you'll also find schools of rock bass and smallmouth bass just waiting to take your bait.

But don't be fooled by the lakes apparent tranquility. Lake Erie is the shallowest Great Lake, making it prone to bipolar weather conditions. The calm waters can quickly turn into towering waves, presenting a challenge for inexperienced anglers.

Perched on the shores of Lake Erie, Sherkston Shores Beach Resort and Pleasant Beach Campground offer guests over two miles of sandy shoreline. Known as an angler's paradise, you'll also find exciting amenities like a waterpark, rock climbing, and a pizza parlor. Fishing options from the beach or the quarry give our guests the chance to reel in prize catches all season.  

This summer, enjoy some of these fantastic fishing spots during your stay at one of our 15 Ontario RV resorts. Book your stay today and save 20% with our First Time Visitor special at any Sun RV resort that's new to you!

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