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50 Blissful Beach Years at Sherkston Shores

5 minutes read Jul 20,2018
50 Blissful Beach Years at Sherkston Shores

Building A Legacy at Sherkston Shores: Charlie & Marilyn Jaskowiak

charlie and marilyn jaskowiak

For more than 50 years, Charlie and Marilyn Jaskowiak have been coming to Sun Retreats Sherkston Shores every summer and making endless memories along the way. What started out as weekend summer visits to the resort, has turned into full summers spending their retirement by the water.

Since their retirement, the pair have been spending six months of the year here, and splitting the remaining months between Florida and their home in Buffalo, NY. Though many things have changed over the last 50 years, the Jaskowiaks continue to value everything that Sherkston Shores has to offer.

Accommodations Through the Years

southern ontario camping

While Charlie and Marilyn now reside at their Sherkston vacation cottage on Mallard Crescent, when they first began visiting the resort they camped in a tent every summer weekend. From there, they moved up to a pop-up trailer, and finally a 33-foot trailer for more than 30 years, which is located in the same place as their current "summer home."

There are many reasons that the couple continue to call Sherkston Shores their second home, but friendly neighbours and staff at the resort are highest on their list. The friends they have at the resort make their summer that much more enjoyable and they appreciate the staff who add character to the resort.

Memories of Bygone Days

sherkston shores

Charlie and Marilyn also savour decades of family memories made at Sherkston, including days on the beach when many cars use to line the shore. Back then, there was camping at Crow's Nest sand dunes on Wyldewood Beach, and the Gulliver's sand sculptures.

They fondly recall coming to the resort during the winter and camping by the fire, even when snow covered the grounds. They would spend every weekend in the winter with family and friends at Sherkston Shores and enjoy hockey, cross-country skiing, and outdoor barbecuing. Despite the cold weather, the couple said, "You couldn't keep us away from Sherkston."

Some other great memories that the couple have are gathering at surf ‘n' turf parties with a group of friends every year, or the rodeos that use to take place at the resort. They were also there when the Beach Boys came to perform at Wyldewood Beach one summer.

Present-Day Adventures

Today, the couple continues to enjoy the many features of Sherkston Shores, including our beach and the Quarry, exercise classes, swimming pools, and the many events that take place over the summer.

charlie's boot camp at sherkston shores

They have also been very active their whole lives. Charlie is an avid lake swimmer and Marilyn practices aqua fit. Charlie also helps others at the resort stay in shape; both mentally and physically.  As founder of "Charlie's Boot Camp," he leads an exciting hour-long workout program every Saturday and Sunday at the Sherkston Shores soccer field. This program has grown from only a few participants to now roughly 40 people of all ages and of all abilities every week.  He has been running this program for eight years and loves getting others involved in exercise training, something that he has always enjoyed.  

Over the last 50 years, Charlie and Marilyn have enjoyed each and every summer at Sherkston Shores and continue to cherish all the memories they've made with family and friends.

"It's a wonderful resort and we wouldn't change it."

Thinking of making Sherkston Shores your "summer home away from home?" Learn more about resort living on the beach and all its offerings at or call our team at (844) 894-7300 to set up a tour.