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Using Decorations to Make a Cozy Campsite

5 minutes read May 26,2021
Using Decorations to Make a Cozy Campsite

Camping may be about the outdoors, but many campers also enjoy the opportunity to spruce up their RVs and sites. With a few campsite decorations, you can take your site from drab to fab and instantly become the envy of other campers.

We're bringing you 10 ideas for adding a bit of comfort and coziness to your camping experience. Add a few of these decorations to your campsite, snap a picture, and then share your setup with us on social media by tagging Sun RV Resorts!

10 Campsite Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Campsite

1. Put Out a Rug

Putting a rug in front of your tent or RV provides a homey touch that makes a world of difference. Choose something sturdy that will serve as both a campsite decoration and a place to take off your shoes before entering. You can also add a rug inside your tent or RV for an extra touch.

String Lights As Campsite Decorations

2. Add String Lights

The Pinterest trend of string lights hasn't died yet, and we don't expect it to anytime soon! String lights are fantastic campsite decorations that add a warm, cheery glow to your home away from home. Many colors and styles are available, but make sure that the string lights you purchase are waterproof and rated for outdoor use.

3. Cool Your Campsite With a Fan

Most modern RVs have fan and A/C systems built in. But if you're using a vintage RV or a tent, you may not have built-in cooling. Plugging in a small fan, such as a tower fan, will make your campsite much more comfortable by getting the air moving.

You can also purchase an outdoor fan for your RV patio. The moving air will ensure that you stay comfortable while lounging outside on warm days.

Person Wrapped in Blanket While Camping

4. Use Sheets and Blankets

Sure, sleeping bags save space. But they can be stifling and make it tough to get a good night's sleep. We recommend using sheets and blankets to improve your camping bed. Sheets and blankets serve as both campsite decorations and help you feel more at home while sleeping.

If you're sleeping in a tent, try investing in a good air mattress too. Paired with sheets and blankets, this will be much more akin to an actual bed than a sleeping bag.

5. Put Out an Air Freshener

If you're lucky, your campsite will smell of the forest or sea, with clean, outdoorsy air that's a pleasure to enjoy. But weather, climate, and more can affect the air quality. You should keep an air freshener or two placed in or around your RV or tent to ensure that there's always a pleasant aroma.

Couple Sitting in Camp Chairs

6. Set Up Camp Chairs

There's nothing like sitting ‘round the campfire to make you feel cozy. Setting up a couple of chairs at your campsite gives you have a great place to relax and roast s'mores over the fire. There are also a variety of styles and colors, so you can select the perfect camping chair for your comfort.

7. Bring a Tablecloth

Did you know that almost every site at our outdoor destinations provides a picnic table? This simple addition gives you more seating and makes it easier to dine outdoors. To spruce up your campsite, add a patterned tablecloth to your picnic table. You can also add a tablecloth inside your RV for some extra color.

8. Hang Sorters

A great way to maximize space in your RV is to hang soft, collapsible sorters. These are fantastic for storing shoes, clothes, or even kitchen supplies. Check out this hanging closet organizer or this pocket organizer to gain some extra storage space in your RV.

Person Sleeping on Pillows in RV

9. Bring Extra Pillows

One surefire way to increase the coziness of your campsite is to bring extra pillows. These can be full-size pillows for a bed, or they can be smaller throw pillows for couches and chairs. With fun patterns and textures, they make great campsite decorations. They also bring another level of comfort in your RV and campsite when you arrange them on beds and chairs.

10. Lay Out Foam Puzzle Pieces

If you're camping in a tent, you'll appreciate ways to soften the ground beneath you. Children's foam puzzle pieces are ideal for this task. Simply lay them out in your tent to make your sleeping surface more comfortable.

You can also use foam puzzle pieces in an RV - a great addition if you have children with you. We still recommend childproofing corners and other hazards, but foam puzzle pieces will soften the floor in case of trips or falls.  

This year, up your RVing game with some great campsite decorations. But don't just make your site cozy. Share this post and invite your RVing pals to a cozy campsite contest. Loser has to make s'mores for everyone else!

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