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We have a collection of amazing resorts across the U.S. and Canada, that take outdoor vacations to the next level. Start planning your perfect getaway with Sun Outdoors.

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Sun Outdoor resorts offer RV sites

RV Sites

Enjoy full hookup RV sites that accommodate everything from pop-up campers to motorhomes.

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Lodging is available at Sun Outdoors


Feel close to adventure without roughing it in traditional and unique vacation rentals and charming motels.

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Sun Outdoors offers Tent Camping sites

Tent Camping

Get back to basics. Sleep under the stars with our rustic and premium tent camping sites.

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Long Term Stays available at Sun Outdoors

Long-Term Stays

Stay for just the summer or entire year.  Leave your RV or purchase a vacation home for a season or lifetime.


Stories from the Sunny Side

Read our articles and blogs to plan your getaway, from things to do while RV camping to outdoor adventures, to how to buy a vacation home.  Embrace your Sunnier Side at our scenic resorts across the US and Ontario, Canada, with Sun Outdoors.
A Parent's Guide to Traveling with Kids
Jul 08, 2020

A Parent's Guide to Traveling with Kids

As any parent can attest, traveling with kids is tricky business. There are a lot of considerations and even if you remember them, things can still go wrong. But there’s no doubt that it helps to be prepared.

First Time Buyers: Millennials Opt for Cottages
Jul 17, 2019

First Time Buyers: Millennials Opt for Cottages

Getting a house is a daunting task for millennials. The expensive housing market is a barrier for young adults and families looking to buy their first home. With rent climbing across North America, many millennials are looking to invest their money in cottages.

2019 World Rowing Championships
Jun 03, 2019

2019 World Rowing Championships

Fans from around the world have been anxiously counting down until one of the biggest sporting events occurs in the U.S. Known as the Big Game equivalent in the rowing community, the 2019 World Rowing Under 23 Championships (WRCH) will kick off on July 24 in Sarasota, Florida.

Best Florida Bike Trails
Dec 10, 2018

Best Florida Bike Trails

Florida naturally flatter terrain makes it all the better for biking! This low-impact cardio workout is a favorite activity of many, and is a great way to stay in shape, get around, and get outside. Best of all, Florida has plenty of hot spots for biking.

Find a Discount Fortune at Flea Markets
Jan 22, 2018

Find a Discount Fortune at Flea Markets

There’s nothing quite like that rush of adrenaline and excitement you feel when finding a great bargain, and flea markets are always ripe for the picking! Find a true wealth of deals waiting at every flea market booth, which are loaded with homemade and secondhand goods at fire sale prices.

The Pickleball Phenomena
Feb 23, 2017

The Pickleball Phenomena

Is it tennis? Maybe it’s badminton? It’s actually both and neither at the same time. The name of this game is pickleball – an activity that brilliantly combines aspects of several different racket sports with its own unique twist and is taking the nation by storm!

Come On In – the Water, Wibit Obstacle Course, Mega Slide and Meltdown Are Fine!
Jul 29, 2016

Come On In – the Water, Wibit Obstacle Course, Mega Slide and Meltdown Are Fine!

"There’s just no place between here and there like this,” said Amy Ambler, a resident of Myakka City and Sun N Fun day pass holder.If you’re a parent who’s searching for a way to get your kids to look up from their tablets, computers, and phones

Green Thumb. Green Life.
Feb 28, 2014

Green Thumb. Green Life.

Dick Raymond’s The Joy of Gardening is one of the best selling gardening books of all time. He’s made the Gallup Poll’s list of the 100 most influential Americans. He’s had his own TV show and appeared on Oprah a handful of times.