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How to Get Mail and Packages While RVing

5 minutes read Mar 17,2021
How to Get Mail and Packages While RVing

Those who live an RV lifestyle generally enjoy a slower pace with more freedom, but it comes with important considerations. Along with mindful budgeting, you need to consider how to receive mail while RVing. For short trips, this isn't as much of a concern. But seasonal guests, full-time RVers, and snowbirds must choose how to manage their mail while traveling.

In this post, we've outlined some of the ways you can get mail and packages while RVing. Read through to help decide which option works for you, then start planning your next RV adventure!

4 Tips to Receive Mail While RVing

1. Choose a Resort with a Mail Center

The easiest way to get mail while RVing is to stay at a resort with a mail center. This is especially handy for snowbirds and seasonal guests who will be at the resort for several months. Several of our resorts, especially in snowbird destinations, offer on-site mail centers. These include: If you're unsure whether your resort offers mail services, give them a call or check with the office staff. Many resorts without a dedicated mail center will also be happy to help you receive mail upon request.

2. Have Friends or Family Forward Mail

If you're not staying at a resort that offers mail services, you'll likely be looking to have your mail forwarded. For sporadic travelers, rather than full-time RVers, the simplest option is to have a friend or family member receive your mail. They can sort it and let you know of important letters. A close confidante will also be in contact and can ship your mail in batches to your desired location.

While friends and family members can forward letters for free by writing the new address on the envelope, this can cause delays while USPS reroutes the letter. It's better to have your mail gathered and shipped to you in batches. Alternatively, you can have USPS hold your mail at the post office if you'll only be traveling for a week or two.

RV Mail Forwarding Center

3. Use an RV Mail Forwarding Service

Another way to receive mail while RVing is to use a professional RV mail forwarding service. These services provide a physical street address to ship mail and packages to. This is ideal for full-time RVers who need a physical address to establish residency for their mail.

RV mail forwarding services will sort and hold your mail until you're ready to pick it up or have it shipped to a resort or friend's house. Some will also scan each piece of mail so you can digitally choose whether it should be discarded, held, opened, or sent immediately. Some of the most popular RV mail forwarding services include:

Note that professional forwarding services require a monthly subscription. Make sure you include this in your RV budget.

4. Try USPS General Delivery or a P.O. Box

USPS has a couple options for receiving mail while RVing. These are best for long-term RV stays. If you will be in one location for more than a month, a P.O. box is a reasonably-priced option for receiving mail nearby.

Post offices can also receive General Delivery mail, which is held at the post office for 10 days for pickup. You must confirm this option with the local postmaster, so call your post office and ask about General Delivery. They can provide the necessary details.

RVer Receiving Package Delivery

3 Ways to Receive Packages While RVing

1. Use a Resort's Mail Center

If you're looking to receive packages while RVing, the process might be trickier. But if you stay at a resort that provides a mail center, they will be able to receive and hold a package for pickup. Check with the office beforehand about size and weight restrictions for packages.

2. Ship to a UPS Store

UPS stores can be found around the country, making them a good option for shipping packages. While there is a fee involved, UPS stores will often allow you to ship to the store with your name as the C/O or ATTN recipient. Then, the UPS store will hold your package for up to 30 days, giving you time to pick it up.

Since most UPS stores are independently owned, inquire ahead of time about the fees and procedures. They may vary between stores and you don't want your package to be rejected.

3. Look for a Shipping Locker

If ordering an item from Amazon, consider using an Amazon Locker. Prevalent in cities, Amazon Lockers reside in Whole Foods Markets, convenience stores, and other shops. You can ship small packages to these secure lockers and pick them up with a unique passcode. While convenient, Amazon only holds packages for three days, so you don't have time to dawdle.  

We hope these tips have helped you understand how to receive mail while RVing. If you found these suggestions useful, help others out by sharing this post!

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