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10 Unique Pennsylvania Foods to Try

5 minutes read Jul 30,2020
10 Unique Pennsylvania Foods to Try

Aside from the Rocky movies, Pennsylvania's most famous export might be its food. From the cheesesteak to the humble tomato pie, Pennsylvania's unique foods are well worth the trip.

We've come up with 10 of our favorite Pennsylvania foods to try. And with a stay at Lake in Wood RV Resort, you can be close to the best. Keep reading to discover where you should dine during your Pennsylvania vacation!

Philly Cheesesteaks Unique Pennsylvania Foods

10 Unique Pennsylvania Foods and Restaurants

1. Philly Cheesesteaks

Without a doubt, Philly cheesesteaks are the most iconic Pennsylvania food. Their notoriety is spread across America and even the world. While there are many places in Philadelphia to get a cheesesteak, here are four places famous for their sandwiches:

2. Herr's Chips

Made in Nottingham, Pennsylvania since 1946, Herr's is a brand you won't find everywhere. While the classic Thin ‘N Crispy potato chips are the brand's bread and butter, they have some interesting flavors. You may want to look for cheddar horseradish, pizza, dill, and Old Bay chips.

Shoo Fly Pie Unique Pennsylvania Foods

3. Shoo-Fly Pie

A word to the wise: don't eat shoo-fly pie outdoors. Among unique Pennsylvania foods, this one stands alone in its sweetness. And in its ability to attract flies!

Shoo-fly pie is a very sweet dish from Lancaster County. The pie features a thin pastry crust on the bottom, a filling of molasses and brown sugar, and a sweet crumb topping. Without a doubt, shoo-fly pie requires a cup of coffee to accompany it. Grab a slice or an entire pie at an Amish food stand.

4. Primanti Bros.

A staple of Pittsburgh, Primanti Bros. has expanded to some neighboring states. The chain's hefty sandwiches are piled high with meat, veggies, and curiously, French fries. While delicious, don't come to Primanti Bros. expecting a light meal.

5. Sheetz

Sheetz is a fascinating Pennsylvania restaurant. If you can call it that a restaurant, that is. It's more of a diner/gas station/coffee shop hybrid. But no matter what, it's beloved in Pennsylvania.

So what can you get at Sheetz? Maybe you feel like a burger, which they have. Or perhaps tacos, which they also have. You could even go for pizza, a Philly dog, mozzarella sticks, mac and cheese, or curly fries. The selection samples from all over, so you have plenty of options.

6. TastyKake

Distinct Philadelphia treats can be found from TastyKake. The packaged snack brand makes all kinds of sugary treats that are beloved. From cupcakes to Kandy Kakes to Krimpets and more, the options are endless. Look for TastyKake products in any Pennsylvania grocery or convenience store.

Hot Pretzels

7. Hot Pretzels

The hot pretzel is the unique Pennsylvania food that's spread across the U.S. Indeed, pretzels in general are a favorite of Pennsylvania, with Snyder's based in Hanover. Nonetheless, the hot pretzel reigns supreme.

The Pennsylvania Dutch, who hail from Germany, brought the pretzel to America. To this day, bakeries throughout the state twist fresh pretzels by hand. Look for hot pretzels on street corners and in local markets and bakeries.

8. Scrapple

Among unique Pennsylvania foods, scrapple is probably the most divisive. It's somewhere between country ham and bacon and is traditionally eaten for breakfast.

What is scrapple? It's a mixture of cured pork trimmings and cornmeal that's formed into a block and pan-fried. It sounds strange, but scrapple was developed to minimize food waste. And it can be pretty darn tasty! Look for it on diner menus, often served on toast with cheddar cheese and dippy eggs.

9. Tomato Pie

Ever heard of tomato pie? It's a bit like pizza, but with more sauce and less cheese. The dish is a favorite at Italian bakeries in south Philly. It's a chewy crust, covered with red sauce and a dusting of Parmesan or Grana Padano. It's usually served by the slice at room temperature for a snack, rather than a meal.

Birch Beer Unique Pennsylvania Foods

10. Birch Beer

Birch beer is the cousin to root beer. It tastes similar, though a bit herbal and a touch flowery with just a hint of mint. It's made with the sap of birch trees and is common in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

The most famous birch beer is from Reading Draft. It comes in brown, red, and clear options and is both creamy and fizzy. Drink birch beer for a refreshing summer beverage or serve with cheddar cheese for a snack.

Lake in Wood RV Resort Mini Golf Course in Narvon PA

Take a Trip to Lake in Wood RV Resort

Unless you're lucky enough to live in the Keystone State, you'll need a place to stay on your trip to try unique Pennsylvania foods. In that case, take a look at Lake in Wood RV Resort!

Situated in Pennsylvania Dutch Country just one hour east of Philadelphia, Lake in Wood is in the heart of Pennsylvania's culinary corridor. Spacious RV and tent sites are available, but why not try a vacation rental? Our unique rentals include yurts, treehouses, covered wagons, and more.

Many amenities are also available at Lake in Wood RV Resort. Gather the family for a game of mini golf, or head for a paddle around the lake. You can also check out the playground, shuffleboard, and an indoor/outdoor pool complex. There's plenty to do!

Pull out your calendar, find a time, and plan a trip to try Pennsylvania's unique foods. With delicious grub near Lake in Wood RV Resort, you can eat your way through Pennsylvania's finest fare. See you soon!  

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