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Cool Down with Summer Daiquiri Recipes

5 minutes read Jul 14,2021
Cool Down with Summer Daiquiri Recipes

There's nothing like a cold cocktail on a hot day. And a traditional cocktail favorite is the daiquiri, a Caribbean favorite that can be served chilled, on the rocks, or blended.

Since there is an absolute rainbow of daiquiri recipes that exist, we've selected a few of our favorites to highlight. Try these recipes for yourself during your next vacation getaway!

5 Daiquiri Recipes for Summer Refreshment

1. Classic Cuban Daiquiri

With just three ingredients, the original daiquiri recipe is always a winner. The blend of rum, lime juice, and simple syrup comes from Cuba, and is traditionally served chilled. You can also serve the drink on the rocks or blended with ice, if you desire.


  • 1 ½ ounces light rum
  • ¾ ounces fresh lime juice
  • ½ ounce simple syrup, or to taste
  1. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and serve.
Hemingway Daiquiri

2. Hemingway Daiquiri

Ernest Hemingway, the prolific American author, grew up in the Chicago suburbs. Later in life, though, Hemingway lived in both Cuba and Key West, Florida, where he developed a taste for daiquiris. His signature twist uses rum made with sugarcane juice, along with grapefruit juice and maraschino liqueur.

Recipe borrowed from Food Network.


  • 2 ounces Agricole rum
  • ¼ ounce maraschino liqueur (or maraschino cherry juice)
  • ¾ ounce fresh lime juice
  • ¼ ounce fresh grapefruit juice
  1. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and serve.
Blended Strawberry Daiquiri

3. Strawberry Daiquiri

Fruit is a common addition to many daiquiri recipes, as it adds a sweet note to this simple, sour cocktail. Fresh strawberries are the most popular mix-in, and strawberry daiquiris are particularly good as blended cocktails, as this batch recipe recommends.

Note that this recipe makes six daiquiris. Feel free to trim down the recipe size as needed!

Recipe borrowed from Baking Beauty.


  • 1 cup white rum
  • 3 cups fresh strawberries; chopped, stems removed
  • ¼ cup fresh lime juice
  • 1-2 cups ice cubes
  1. In a blender, combine the rum, strawberries, and lime juice. Blend until smooth.
  2. Add ½ cup ice and blend. Continue adding ½ cup ice at a time until you reach your desired consistency.
  3. Evenly divide daiquiris between six glasses.
Mango Daiquiri

4. Mango Daiquiri

If you're looking for a tropical twist on the original daiquiri, try adding mango. Ina Garten's recipe for mango daiquiris is smooth, blended, and full of flavor. Be sure to use a soft, ripe mango with a sweet smell for the best flavor.

Like the strawberry daiquiris, this recipe makes a batch. In this case, you'll end up with four mango daiquiris.

Recipe borrowed from Food Network.


  • 1 ripe mango; peeled, seeded, and chopped
  • ¼ cup fresh lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon simple syrup
  • ¾ cup white rum
  • Crushed ice
  1. In a blender, combine the mango, lime juice, simple syrup, and rum. Blend until smooth.
  2. Pour the mixture over a glass of crushed ice and serve.
Rhubarb Rosemary Daiquiri

5. Rhubarb Rosemary Daiquiri

Have you ever had rhubarb in a drink? The common garden plant adds a tart twist to your favorite cocktail. This rhubarb rosemary daiquiri recipe is fruity, herbal, and best sipped on a summer evening.

Recipe borrowed from The Spruce Eats.


  • 1 ½ ounces light rum
  • ¾ ounce rhubarb juice
  • ½ ounce rosemary syrup
  • ¼ ounce lemon juice
  • Lemon wheel, for garnish (optional)
  • Fresh rosemary sprig, for garnish (optional)
  1. Add rum, rhubarb juice, rosemary syrup, and lemon juice to a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with lemon and rosemary, if desired.

With these delicious daiquiri recipes, you can whisk yourself to a Caribbean paradise with just a cocktail. Try a daiquiri for yourself or share this post with your friends and plan a tropical party together!

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