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Unplug Your Kids This Summer!

5 minutes read Jun 06,2016
Unplug Your Kids This Summer!

For those of us who remember a time when the instant gratification of the internet was non-existent, it can be quite frustrating to watch our kids sit with their noses constantly in an electronic device on a sunny summer day. Camping is a great way to get back in touch with nature, however, electronics brought on a trip, coupled with WiFi services offered at most campgrounds these days, can make it difficult to get kids to unplug and take advantage of the wonders around them. Below are some great ways to encourage everyone to put phones and tablets away for some quality time with friends and family – it's time to explore and use our imaginations!  

Go on a Hunt

It's all about exploration and adventure when you're camping and a scavenger hunt is the perfect activity to get out there and see what you can find in the great outdoors! Some of the best things about these types of activities are that everyone can play and come up with new and interesting ideas about what to search for – the area you're staying in can impact what's on your lists too!

Click here and find great ideas to create your favorite scavenger hunt!  

Amenities Galore
When you stay at a Sun RV resort or campground, the sheer variety of our on-site amenities are great ways to keep the kids outside and engaged! We have a fantastic selection of standard amenities like swimming pools, basketball and volleyball courts, beaches and lakes, horseshoe pits, and planned activities for the whole family to enjoy. Some resorts also offer featured amenities such as miniature golf, laser tag, splash pads and water parks, gem mining, aerial adventure parks and much more!  
Let ‘em Cook by the Campfire

Most kids love being by the campfire anyway, so why not let them experiment with cooking some simple items for the family to enjoy (with adult supervision, of course)! There's always the staple of roasting hotdogs for a quick snack or marshmallows for s'mores, which is a great way to introduce younger children to cooking over the campfire or engage older kids to participate too.

Pie irons allow kids to be creative with their meals! From grilled cheese to fruit pies, pie irons can create a quick and simple personalized snack or treat. Get inspired by your camping staples and take advantage of fresh produce at local farmers markets – the possibilities are endless!  

Quiet Bonding
Let's face it, as parents we can admit that it's sometimes hard to convince kids to participate in quiet time, so on the next rainy day, when you can't go outside, try making a tent or RV fort for a day of inside fun! Once you build your perfect fort – and that's half the fun – grab some board games (yes, real board games), cards, coloring books, puzzles, etc. and have some fun and giggles! It's amazing how much kids enjoy these activities when adults are participating too, so let your hair down and your inner child out for some quality family bonding time!  
Outdoor Sports
Keep the kids active with an organized game such as kickball, flag football or freeze tag! Other activities like a water balloon toss, arts and crafts, and games are also great ways to keep the kids entertained and off their electronics.