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Stocking Stuffers for Campers and RVers

5 minutes read Dec 20,2022
Stocking Stuffers for Campers and RVers

While we all look forward to opening the presents under the tree, we can't overlook the little treasures to be found in the stockings. To help you in your quest for the perfect stocking stuffers, we've come up with 12 great ideas for your camper or RVer that are practical, compact, and fairly inexpensive.

Give our list a look and pick out a couple favorites to surprise your favorite traveler!

12 Great Stocking Stuffers Ideas


1. Mini Travel Towel

Whether it's an unexpected dip at the lake, a surprise rain shower, or a muggy afternoon that leaves you soaked, a mini travel towel is an excellent accessory on any camping trip. These mini fiber towels come in a variety of sizes and include a carrying pouch. It's even small enough to fit inside a stocking!

Wool Socks and Snowy Boots

2. Wool Socks

There's nothing like slipping on a new pair of cushy socks, and you can't go wrong with wool socks as stocking stuffers for campers. Warm, fuzzy, and perfect for hiking, wool socks are just as comfy while trekking outdoors as they are sitting in front of the fire. Try these Merino wool socks for a well-priced option.


3. Sunscreen

Pop travel size sunscreen bottles in their stockings for campers and RVers who live, or love to head down to, warmer southern climates in the winter. Sunscreen is a year-round necessity, and a miniature bottle is perfect for having on hand while traveling for every season.


4. Bug Spray

Going hand in hand with sunscreen is bug spray. While you may not need bug spray during winter in the north, you'll certainly need it if you head south. And if you happen to be in northern regions during summer, bug spray is always a must-have. Do your favorite camper a favor and throw a can of bug spray in their stocking.


5. RV Logbook

If making memories is the point of travel, then an RV logbook is the perfect stocking stuffing for campers. In addition to being fun, logbooks are ideal for full-time RVers who like to keep track of where they've stayed. They can note their favorite resorts, the amenities available, and tips for the next time they visit.


6. Neck Pillow

If you know someone who loves long road trips, a travel pillow is a godsend. While you shouldn't use a travel pillow if you're the one driving, it'll allow you to sleep well as a passenger. Pack this foldable, memory foam neck pillow into a stocking for your road trip buddy.

String Lights at RV Campsite

7. String Lights

Want a great way to cheer up your RV site? Add some string lights! Outdoor plastic string lights are great for adding warm, weatherproof lighting to your campsite. Smaller indoor lights that you hang inside your RV are another great way to add color and personality to your rig.


8. Camping Utensils

One of the best stocking stuffers for campers is a travel utensil set. Some might remember the era of the spork, a hybrid utensil that never quite caught on. Instead, opt for lightweight reusable utensils that even include a carrying case and a brush for cleaning the straws.


9. Energy Bars

Energy bars, such as those from Clif, Kind, Rx, and Lara, make great stocking stuffers. These can be consumed on the trail, in the car, or whenever hunger strikes.


10. Emergency Blanket

Don't let your favorite camper freeze in the forest. A compact emergency blanket is a must-have for avid hikers, backpackers, and trail runners. It's also a good addition to any first aid or emergency kit.


11. Lip Balm

A common affliction among nature lovers is chapping of the lips. When you spend time outdoors, especially in winter or dry desert climates, it's easy for chapped lips to come calling. A tube or stick of lip balm is always a great stocking stuffer idea - even if you're not a camper.


12. Zippo Fire Starter

Nothing is worse than trying to start a fire with wet kindling. Skip the hassle with some Zippo fire starters. These flammable pucks burn even when wet and make it easy to get your campfire going.

With these 12 ideas for stocking stuffers, you're now ready to get great little gifts for the special campers in your life. But don't keep the ideas to yourself. Share them with others who might enjoy filling stockings with camping-inspired gifts!

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