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Top Five RV Trends for 2019

5 minutes read Jul 03,2019
Top Five RV Trends for 2019

Stay Up to Date on All Things RV!

The RV and vacation home industry is growing quickly. In the last few years, we've seen millennials investing in RVs and families and friends buying vacation homes together. Plus, people aged 35-55 are adding to RV market share, indicating popularity of the RV lifestyle.

With all the changes, it's important to keep up with the trends. New technology and diverse styles of RVs mean more options for you. So how do you know which RV is best suited to your lifestyle? Take a look at five RV trends for 2019 so you know what to look for when buying an RV.

Hot RV Trends


Technology is increasingly important for RV buyers. Heated floors, smart speakers, and display panels that connect to smart phones are all becoming available in RVs. The luxuries that were once restricted to your home are now available as RV add-ons. Or better yet, some are built-in, like the WiFi routers that are integrated right into the RV.

rv sharing

Splitting the Cost

One of the biggest RV trends is RV sharing. While this concept isn't new, it's gaining popularity as younger families look to purchase their first RV or vacation home.

People are now purchasing these homes with friends, families, and colleagues to cut costs. This is much easier than renting out an RV. And it allows your RV to be used much more than once or twice a year. Additionally, when investing in an RV with others, you can expand your RV budget beyond what you might otherwise consider.

Residential Style

Newer RV models are being designed with deluxe accommodations and accessories in the style of home. Thus, you don't have to sacrifice amenities while on vacation. RVs are being equipped with home-style kitchens, full bedrooms, and living rooms, all with a modern style.


One RV trend that will last well beyond 2019 is environmental consciousness. Rooftop solar panels are one example. These popular additions save money and limit the use of a generator to reduce environmental impact.

Another practical solution is to outfit your RV with LED lighting, again saving energy and reducing maintenance. Some LED bulbs can last for more than 20 years!

Other ideas include choosing biodegradable household items and installing a bike rack for zero-emissions transport at your destination.

outdoor tv for rv

Outdoor Entertainment

What's inside your RV is important, but the outdoor space is just as vital. This is your place to unwind.

As such, one of the hottest RV trends is to turn RV exteriors into entertainment pad. These livable outdoor spaces often include TVs, speakers, or even cocktail bars. And some larger, stationary RVs are even able to boast fold-out patios. The available amenities are astonishing!  

Buying an RV might seem overwhelming but it's easy when you keep up with the trends. And now that you're set for success, share this post with your friends to keep them in the loop!  

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