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15 RV Essentials You Need for Your Trip

5 minutes read Jun 30,2021
15 RV Essentials You Need for Your Trip

Ask any RVer and they'll tell you that owning a rig is great fun. But there's also work involved, and many items to pack on your checklist. To help you gather everything you need, we've created a handy guide of RV essentials. Use this list during your next vacation to check off all the items you should have while RVing!

General RV Essentials

1. RV Paperwork

Be sure to bring all the important paperwork for your RV, including the insurance and registration. You should also bring a paper map for when you're out of GPS range.

2. Power Cords and Adapters

Your RV should come with a power cord, but you may need an adapter depending on the electric service available at your resort. As a reminder, a 30-amp power cord has three prongs, while a 50-amp cord has four prongs.

RV Sewer Hoses

3. Water and Sewer Hoses

Water and sewer hoses are important RV essentials, as they are critical to the functioning of your rig. For most RVs, you need three hoses:
  • Sewer hose(s)
  • Drinking water hose
  • Black water flushing hose
Never use your drinking water hose to flush the black water. This can cause dangerous contamination in your RV's clean water supply.

4. Auxiliary Cable

Select RV resorts offer cable TV service. If you plan to utilize this amenity, be sure to bring an auxiliary cable to connect your RV to the cable TV hookup at your site.

5. Levelers and Blocks

Concrete RV sites are typically level, but grassy and gravel pads might require you to level your RV on these sites. Levelers and leveling blocks are RV essentials that keep your rig steady and secure.

6. RV Emergency Kit

Accidents and breakdowns can derail even the best planned trips. Be prepared on your next adventure with an emergency kit, which should include basic maintenance supplies, flares, and a flashlight. You might also consider packing a winter driving kit for the cooler months, or unexpected weather conditions.

Additionally, you should never travel without a spare tire for your RV. Be sure your spare tire is full and free of leaks before every trip.

Man Making an RV Bed

Linen Essentials

7. Bedding

Most RVs are outfitted with mattresses, so you'll need to bring sleeping bags or bedding. Typically, bedding includes sheets, comforters, pillows, and pillowcases, but you can bring other linens and blankets if you desire.

8. Towels

Whether for swimming, showering, or simply washing your hands, towels come in handy. While RVing, pack at least two bath towels per person. Additionally, be sure to bring other RV essentials including beach towels, hand towels, and dish towels.

Child Holding a Plate of Food

Kitchen Essentials

9. Cookware

RV kitchens are compact and have limited storage space. Pack a few versatile pots and pans, as well as mixing bowls, measuring cups, and knives. You should also bring plastic bags and storage containers to avoid attracting bugs with food that isn't sealed.

10. Tableware

Don't forget the tableware too! Rather than using paper plates and plastic utensils, invest in a set of reusable plastic dishes and metal silverware. This small change will help you reduce waste and save money.

11. Trash Bags

For trash, storage, or many other uses, keep plenty of trash bags stocked in your RV. Trust us, you'll use them more often than you expect!

Person Applying Bug Spray

First Aid Essentials

12. First Aid Kit

Don't let cuts, bruises, and scrapes bring down your camping trip. Instead, stay prepared with a first aid kit for camping. Check out our handy infographic for what to pack in your RV first aid kit.

13. Sunscreen and Bug Repellent

The best offense is a good defense, right? Pack plenty of sunscreen and bug repellent to protect yourself from two outdoor annoyances while camping.

Couple in Camp Chairs

Outdoor Essentials

14. Camp Chairs

As we near the end of our RV essentials checklist, we must mention camp chairs. Pack a couple of chairs in your RV so that you can relax outside on the patio during your vacation. There are a variety of styles, so you can choose the perfect chair for your comfort.

15. Doormat

Last but certainly not least is the humble doormat. Often overlooked, a doormat is quite important for keeping your RV clean. Place doormats outside and inside your RV, so that you can take off your shoes without tracking in dirt. With these RV essentials, you're equipped to take on your next adventure with ease. If these ideas have helped you prepare for your next trip, share this post and lend someone else a hand!

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