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3 Ways to Protect Your RV from UV Damage

5 minutes read May 19,2022
RV Rear Exterior in Sunny Parking Lot

Don't let Mother Nature's sunny disposition ruin your RV. All that fun in the sun can cause ultraviolet (UV) damage to your vehicle, inside and out. 

Following these recommendations on RV maintenance can protect your vehicle from damage caused by the sun. This can help prevent cosmetic and performance issues down the road. 

1. Cover Up Your RV

Defend your RV, travel trailer, or toy hauler from UV damage and other elements with an RV cover. RV covers come in a variety of styles and materials, each with its benefits. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting an RV cover: 

  • Measure Twice: Make sure to measure your RV so you know the dimensions before purchasing the cover. It should fit snugly. Too loose and it will be ineffective. 
  • Climate Considerations: Most RV covers are water-resistant but upgrading to a waterproof variation is worth it. The type of cover you choose should be in line with where you'll be using it. Some covers protect against sand while others are meant for snow.
  • Hem and Awe: Durability is essential for closures and seams vulnerable to overuse and exposure. Other critical features to consider include air circulating vents and panels for easy access to the vehicle. 
  • Tire Time: RV tire covers help to guard tire rubber against sun damage, rust, and dirt when parked for extended periods. 

A protective cover is an RV accessory you don't want to skimp on. Be prepared to spend good money for a durable, long-lasting cover to safeguard your RV for years to come. You can research RV cover reviews to explore various features and cost options.

2. Give Your RV a Wash and Wax 

Keep your gel-coat paint job or fiberglass finish shiny, glossy, and protected from the ravages of UV rays and driving debris with a bi-annual application of RV wax. A wax job works best when applied to a clean vehicle.

Remember these tips when washing and waxing your RV or camper: 

  • Wash On: Wash your RV before waxing for the greatest benefits. Campgrounds typically have a limited water supply, so consider going through a truck stop wash.
  • Long Reach: Use a telescoping soft-bristled RV wash brush, collapsible bucket for frequent water changes, and your preferred eco-friendly cleaning products or your own homemade RV cleaner. Check out these great suggestions on how to carefully clean your rig. 
  • Wax Off: Try to wax the gel coat of your RV or camper when it's dry and overcast, or in the morning if you are in an area that heats up. Using soft cloths, work the wax in sections from the top down and remember to be patient. A combination RV wash and wax product is a great timesaver. 
  • Inside Out: Finish your RV cleaning with a thorough job inside. Remove everything from closets and cupboards, take inventory, and return only what you need after a good scrubbing. 
  • Top It Off: Make sure to add an extra layer of protection to a rubber roof with an RV roof sealant application after you wash and wax. A roof coating fills in holes, cracks, and tears and keeps moisture out. 

Regular RV detailing will keep your vehicle looking sharp and running smoothly for years to come. 

3. Roll Down an RV Shade 

Shield the interior of your camper from sun damage using RV sunshades. Solar shades, made from specially treated UV material, are popular because they reflect the sun and keep the inside of the vehicle cool. A day-night combo solar shade stops people from seeing into the camper but doesn't obstruct any gorgeous outside views. 

There are so many different types of RV window shades available including metal, cellular, pleated, or roller. With so many choices, you can select a set that will not only reflect the sun but your personality as well. 

We hope these RV maintenance tips on how to guard your RV against UV damage are helpful in protecting your investment whether you use it as a second home, remote office, or vacation on wheels. Heavyweight covers, window coverings, and diligent cleaning habits will keep your RV safe from the sun and ready to roll when you are.