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Camping Halloween Costumes from the Outdoors

5 minutes read Oct 02,2019
Camping Halloween Costumes from the Outdoors

The pumpkins are ripening, the leaves are changing, and the costumes are coming out. All signs point toward one thing, Halloween!

If your family is planning to trick or treat, you'll need to pick an outfit for the quest for candy. And if you're celebrating the holiday at one of our resort celebrations, getting into the camping spirit doubles the fun. To help you out, we've rounded up several camping Halloween costumes to bring the outdoors to your celebration!

RV Halloween Costume

Find Your Perfect Camping Halloween Costume

RV Costume

Turn your mobile dwelling into your camping Halloween costume! Dressing as an RV can be done in several ways, but the easiest way is shown above. Cut poster board in the shape of an RV, paint it accordingly, and then carry it or hook it to your clothing. Easy-peasy!

Black Bear Costume

Black Bear Costume

Dress up as everyone's favorite fluffy forest animal for your camping Halloween costume. While you can try to create your own black bear costume at home, you may find it easier to purchase a costume. In either case, use these easy instructions for painting your face like a bear.

Fall Color Camping Halloween Costume

Fall Color Costume

Looking to really embrace the outdoors for your camping Halloween costume? Try becoming a moving display of fall color! Use brown as a base for your clothing and then decorate with bright leaves. You can also cut construction paper or fabric into the shape of leaves if the foliage isn't changing near you.

S'more Halloween Costume

S'more Costume

Make everyone's favorite camping treat come to life with your costume. While you can dress as your own s'more, this makes for a perfect family-of-four costume. Parents can dress as graham crackers and one child can be chocolate while the other can be a marshmallow. Together, they make a s'more sandwich!

Campfire Halloween Costume

Campfire Costume

When it comes to camping Halloween costumes, you can't go wrong embracing your inner fire. Campfire, that is! It's easy to imitate the flames. Here's how to do it:
  • Cut red, orange, and yellow fabric or construction paper into flame shapes.
  • Cut brown fabric or construction paper into log shapes.
  • Wear a red shirt and attach the log shapes in a semi-circular heap around the waist.
  • Arrange the "flames" vertically above the logs.
  • For an extra touch, carry a s'more stick!

Many more options exist for camping Halloween costumes. With so much inspiration to draw from outdoors, the possibilities are endless! Share this post on social media and tag Sun RV Resorts to show us your favorite Halloween costume inspired by camping.  

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