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Camping Halloween Costumes from the Outdoors

5 minutes read Oct 04,2022
Camping Halloween Costumes from the Outdoors

The pumpkins are ripening, the leaves are changing, and the costumes are coming out. All signs point toward one thing – Halloween!

If your family is planning to trick or treat, you'll need to pick the perfect outfit in the quest for candy. And if you're celebrating the holiday at one of our resorts, the atmosphere you'll find there is sure to double the fun.

Show off your camping spirit with these outdoor-inspired Halloween costumes for your special trick-or-treaters. We've even included a few of our favorite options for your pets.

Spook-tacular DIY Camping Costumes

Staying with Sun Outdoors during this special time of year is quite a treat for children and adults alike. Many of our resorts feature special Halloween weekends that include fun festivities like parades, parties, and costume contests. 

Don't get spooked if you haven't picked out a costume for Halloween yet. We've got some easy, DIY costumes that you can make using freshly fallen fall items, leftover summer stuff, or other easy-to-find materials.   

RV Halloween Costume

RV Costume

Turn your mobile dwelling into your camping Halloween costume! Dressing as an RV can be done in several ways, but the easiest way is shown above. Cut poster board in the shape of an RV, paint it accordingly, and then carry it or hook it to your clothing. Easy-peasy!

scuba diver halloween costume

Scuba Diver

Don't put away the snorkels and fins just yet! Strap on a homemade air tank made out of used 2-liter bottles and you'll have your own Jacques or Jean Cousteau. 

Black Bear Costume

Black Bear

Dress up as everyone's favorite fluffy forest animal for your camping Halloween costume. While you can try to create your own black bear costume at home, you may find it easier to purchase a costume. In either case, use these easy instructions for painting your face like a bear.

halloween explorers costume

The Explorer

You won't get lost with this adventurous costume. Combine khakis pants and shirt with a bandana around the neck, a butterfly net, toilet paper roll binoculars, and an exaggerated compass. Attach plastic or stuffed animals, insects, and reptiles to your clothes for a truly wild look. 

S'more Halloween Costume

S'more Costume

Make everyone's favorite camping treat come to life with your costume. While you can dress as your own s'more, this makes for a perfect family-of-four costume. Parents can dress as graham crackers and one child can be chocolate while the other can be a marshmallow. Together, they make a s'more sandwich!

halloween fisherman costume

Gone Fishing

Find a vest or make one out of a paper bag, along with an old floppy hat on your head and a fishing pole with a fake catch on the end to complete this look. You'll be reeling in the compliments in no time with this costume. 

wood fairy halloween costume

Wood Fairy

Collect piles of colorful leaves, small branches, bark, etc. Carefully attach woodsy items onto old clothes you don't mind ruining. Embellish a set of fairy wings and twig wand with natural objects to complete the look. You can also cut construction paper or fabric into the shape of leaves if the foliage isn't changing near you.

Campfire Halloween Costume

Campfire Costume

When it comes to camping Halloween costumes, you can't go wrong embracing your inner fire. Campfire, that is! It's easy to imitate the flames. Here's how to do it:
  • Cut red, orange, and yellow fabric or construction paper into flame shapes.
  • Cut brown fabric or construction paper into log shapes.
  • Wear a red shirt and attach the log shapes in a semi-circular heap around the waist.
  • Arrange the "flames" vertically above the logs.
  • For an extra touch, carry a s'more stick!

dog halloween cowboy costume

Halloween Costumes for Dogs 

As man's best friend, don't forget to dress up Fido or Fluffy to for Halloween too! You can include them in a group costume or give them one of their own. There are hundreds of costumes available to purchase, but with a little time, effort, and creativity, you can also make your own. 

9-5 Costume  

Take one of your unworn office shirts to make this an all-business costume for favorite pet. Cut off the cuffs and collar, clean up any hanging threads and secure tiny tabs of Velcro with hot glue for easy on and off. Add a clip-on tie to complete this working-for-the-weekend look. 


Depending on the size of your pooch, you can use an adult or child size flannel shirt that you don't' use anymore. Top it off with a little cowboy hat, which can be found at most Halloween stores during the season, to complete this adorable look.


Remember that tutu your child refused to take off all summer long? It becomes a prima-ballerina costume for a canine version of Swan Lake. Slip the tutu over your pet's torso and they'll be doing pliés in no time. 

Beanie Baby

Turn your pet into a breathing Beanie Baby by attaching a red construction paper heart adorned with the trademarked "TY" to your pet's collar. Works well on almost any animal—including humans. 


Many more options exist for Halloween camping costumes. With so much outdoor inspiration to draw from, the possibilities are endless! 

Share this post on social media and tag Sun Outdoors to show us your favorite Halloween costume inspired by your outdoor vacation adventures.  

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