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Which to Buy - Motorhome or Towable RV?

5 minutes read Jan 08,2018
Which to Buy - Motorhome or Towable RV?

Buying a motorhome or RV is a big decision, and there are some major differences to consider as you narrow down your search. Depending on factors like family size, towing facilities, budget, and lifestyle preferences, modern travelers can conveniently select the style of RV that best suits their specific needs.

While the final choice is a personal decision, we're here to help you through the process of purchasing an RV. To get you started, we've rounded up a few of the pros and cons of the two major RV categories to help you make the right selection for your lifestyle.

Motorized Unit Pros

Motorized Unit Pros

  • Motorhomes are often easier to move and set up.
  • Motorhomes can tow vehicles, providing a convenient way to get around when you reach your destination.
  • Many motorhomes have self-leveling jacks, eliminating the worries of stacking blocks.
  • Non-drivers can engage in many activities while you are on the road.
  • You're equipped with an easily accessible bathroom, kitchen, etc.
  • You don't have to go out in bad weather to get to the unit when you stop.

Motorized Unit Cons

  • When towing, you cannot back up and you must consider the cost and maintenance of the towed vehicle. You may also have towing issues depending on the model of the RV and the model of the towed vehicle.
  • If a repair is needed, the entire unit must go to the shop. You might not be able to stay in the unit and you may have to find other accommodations.
  • There's a faster depreciation rate because owners must invest a great deal of value into a motorhome.
  • Motorhomes tend to be more expensive than towable RVs, even when factoring in the vehicle needed to tow the towable unit.
  • Motorhomes generally have less living space than travel trailers and fifth wheels.
Towable Unit Pros

Towable Unit Pros

  • Since you tow the unit, you can leave the RV and take your vehicle out to explore your destination.
  • Towable units are less expensive and hold their value longer than motorhomes.
  • Towable RVs often have more living space.
  • It is usually the towing vehicle that needs repair, so if your vehicle is in the shop, you still can live in the RV.

Towable Unit Cons

  • Towing and hitching and/or unhitching large trailers can be difficult.
  • Due to overall length of the combined units, finding campsites can be a problem.
  • Non-drivers cannot legally be in the towed trailer while it is moving.
  • Depending on the size of the towable RV, the tow vehicle can be more expensive than the RV.
  • Exploring the destination may be a less comfortable ride in the truck used for towing than in a vehicle towed behind a motorhome.
  • The tow vehicle loan cannot be spread over a long term like RV loans. This might make monthly payments higher on a trailer/tow vehicle combination than on a motorhome.

Whether you choose to select a towable unit or a motorized one, buying a motorhome is a big decision and financial investment. An excellent place to make educated comparisons is at an RV trade show. These events are filled with all types of makes and models that you can tour, along with representatives from manufacturers, dealers, and maintenance companies. These representatives possess experience and industry knowledge, and can assist you in answering any questions you may have.

To ensure that you have a great experience at your first trade show, check out our guide for five RV trade show tips that will guide you to success. And as always, remember that Sun RV Resorts is the premier brand for RV resorts across the country!  

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