Casual Dining in Sherkston, Ontario

Enjoy a night out with great food, friends and family after a day of adventure on the shores of Lake Erie. Sun Retreats Sherkston Shores features a Boston Pizza with more than 100 menu items and a casual dining ambience.

HOURS of Operation:

April 29 - Sept 5
Mon-Tues: 2pm-10pm (kitchen closed at 9pm)
Thurs: 2pm-10pm (kitchen closed at 9pm)
Fri: 2pm-11pm (kitchen closed at 10pm)
Sat: 12pm-11pm (kitchen closed at 10pm)
Sun: 12pm-10pm (kitchen closed at 9pm)
Sept 6 - October 30
Mon-Thurs: Closed
Fri & Sat: 2pm-10pm
Sun: 12pm-8pm