Experience the Sunny Side with our Endless Amenities

Sun Outdoors Paso Robles is the ultimate destination designed to cater to families seeking a memorable getaway. Begin your adventure by visiting our welcoming center, where you can conveniently stock up on all your camping essentials at Cava Market. Dive into relaxation at our state-of-the-art Wellness Center, offering a refreshing lap pool for invigorating swims and a rejuvenating hot tub for indulgent soaking experiences.

But that's not all! Experience the exquisite flavors of the region with our exclusive wine tours, where you can savor the renowned wines of Paso Robles. Embark on a journey through picturesque vineyards and indulge in delightful tastings, immersing yourself in the rich wine culture of the area.

Plus, don't miss the opportunity to connect with fellow campers and create lasting memories at our inviting resort fire pit, where you can mingle and share stories under the starry night sky. At Sun Outdoors Paso Robles, we prioritize your comfort, enjoyment, and sense of community throughout your stay. We strive to provide an all-encompassing experience that blends relaxation, adventure, wine, arts, and crafts, ensuring that your time with us is truly unforgettable.